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FLORENCE FARM SHOPPING is a Chamber of Commerce of Florence’s website that contains the cards of more than 400 farms in Florence and its province. Each of them offers the consumer the ability to purchase products directly from the farm and in some cases also the possibility to perform many other entertainment activities. .

Come with us into the world of the farm!!

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You are a consumer?

Search quickly and easily farms that carry out direct sales of their products by name, product or five different geographical areas (area of Florence, Chianti, Mugello, Empoli Val d'Elsa, Valdarno and Valdisieve).

Each form shows accurate informations to reach the farm and the products for sale, as well as times and days in which you can make purchases.

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CONTENT for consumers

[*] Florence region

[*] Educational Farms

[*] Organic Food

[*] Trademark

[*] Enotourism

[*] Tuscany Cuisine

[*] Town Festivals and Markets
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What does it mean "direct sale" in the farm?
Direct sale means freshness, seasonal products, wellness, naturalness and food comes directly from countryside.
In other words, by this site consumers have a chance to purchase a product directly from the farmer without additional costs related to the distribution, transport and storage.
The short chain increase the value of the land, his history and farmers' job who work hard every day to offer fresh products of superior quality.
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Farms with shop
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AZ. AGR. IL VIAIO - Fiesole
Immagine non disponibile
Immagine non disponibile
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Farms highlight
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AZ. AGR. CARDETO DI R.G.S. GUERRIERI - Castelfiorentino
Immagine non disponibile
Immagine non disponibile
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To be a star in Tuscany

In Tuscany everyone can be a star.
Discovery the film sets, the places and foods that have inspired some of the best movies of all time.

The mayor of Florence with Ron Howard director of "Headache" adapted from "Inferno" of Dan Brown

[*] Find "Inferno" of Dan Brown in Florence

[*] Discovery the films set in Tuscany

[*] "Il Ciclone" the best Tuscany movie ever made

[*] The "Hannibal" menù
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